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Whether you want to import surgical nitrile gloves or industrial gloves to Europe or the US or other countries, Malaysia has got the best manufacturers of gloves.

Based on the report of the Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association, Malaysia’s Nitrile Gloves manufacturing capacity is currently fully booked up until 2021 due to the worldwide shortage. Hence, if you are unlucky finding a glove exporter.

These are the best Nitrile Gloves Manufacturers and Suppliers in Malaysia. Note that we do not endorse these companies and we are not affiliated with them. We have generated this list after tons of research and are giving them as a free resource.

Hartalega Holdings Berhad Malaysia:

Hartalega is one of the leading manufacturers of Nitrile Gloves in the world. The Company has one of the largest Nitrile Gloves production globally, producing over 14 billion gloves annually. Hartalega has also received multiple awards such as Forbes Asia Best Under a Billion, HR Asia Best Employers and Overall Best Managed Company.

Headquarters: Jalan Dataran SD1, Dataran SD PJU 9, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hartalega also exports Nitrile Examination Gloves to the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia. They are one of the first companies to manufacture and market flexible Nitrile Gloves which have the properties similar to latex’s natural rubber. Other properties of their Nitrile Gloves are lightweight, great tactile sensitivity and cost effectiveness while maintaining quality.
Today, Hartalega’s Nitrile Gloves production is 100% exported to other countries, while 18% of the US’ glove supplies are from the company. Hartalega’s customers include healthcare facilities, food industries, laboratories, and other professionals.

Top Glove Corporation Bhd Malaysia:

Top Glove Corporation is the largest medical nitrile gloves suppliers and manufacturers. Top Glove is also one of the top Nitrile Glove distributors in the US. Currently, Top Glove’s production capacity is over 1 billion gloves per week.

Today, the Company has commanded over 26% of the world’s Nitrile Glove market industry. Top Glove Corporation has a large glove factory not just in Malaysia, but also in Thailand, China and Vietnam.

Headquarters: Lot 4969, Jln Teratai, 6th Miles, Off Jln Meru, 41050 Klang, Selangor D.E., Malaysia

Moreover, Top Glove has over 144 factories producing 200 million Nitrile, Latex and Surgical gloves a day and is continuously adding more glove production equipment to meet global demands.

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Top glove is a top supplier of household gloves, examination gloves, industrial gloves and surgical gloves.

 Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd Malaysia:

Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd is one of the best suppliers of nitrile gloves not just in Malaysia, but also worldwide. The company was publicly listed as a glove manufacturing company in 1979 and has expanded its rubber and cleanroom expertise.

Headquarters: PT 7836, Jalan Haji Abdul Manan/ KU8, Kawasan Perindustrian Meru Selatan, 41050 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan

According to Kossan, it has exported to over 130 countries and has a compounding capacity of 10,000 metric tonne, with an installed capacity of 28 billion pieces of Gloves per year. The Company exports 80% of its products to its growing customers. Kossan has 20 manufacturing factories in Malaysia and China with over 6,000 employees.

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Kossan supplies PPE supplies, surgical supplies and safety and industrial protective equipment made from high quality materials.

YTY Group Malaysia:

YTY is a Malaysian manufacturer of disposable Nitrile Examination Gloves and a supplier of Polychloroprene exam Gloves. They also offer polyisoprene synthetic polymers and other single-use surgical products.

Because of the advanced molecular cross-linking technology, good management and great customer support, YTY Group is awarded with the Supplier of the Year Award in the US. They have over 136 glove production facilities in 37 countries.

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YTY is a leader in Nitrile Technology and has developed its synthetic polymers allowing them to grow their Nitrile Examination gloves market. They have specialty gloves, low weight gloves, black nitrile gloves and long cuff nitrile gloves for sale.

Their Specialty Nitrile Gloves are disposable gloves with features such as high puncture resistance. The Low weight nitrile gloves are price competitive but maintain good quality. Their long cuff gloves are used for extra protection from physical injuries and high risk environments.

Smart Glove Malaysia:

Smart Gloves is one of the best Malaysian glove manufacturers serving locally and globally. The company has a diversified portfolio of glove products to meet different specifications of its clients. They serve the medical, beverage, food and cleanroom industries.

Headquarters: Lot 6487, Batu 5 3/4 Sementa, Jalan Kapar, 42100 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

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Smart Glove has a complete R&D facility where they pioneer soft Nitrile Gloves for more comfort but still keep its tensile strength. The company has an ISO manufacturing facility for glove production and improvement, as well as outstanding Quality Management System.


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