Fall Protection Plan

Company Policy Statement

We believe that our employees are very important to us. Fall Protection is an important aspect of our program to ensure that people who work for us can continue to live safe and healthy lives. We require all employees who work at heights above 10 feet and over to be protected from falling. In some cases, we will also implement fall protection at a lesser height if there is a danger or hazard in the area below. A written fall protection plan will be developed and implemented when a fall hazard of 25 feet or more exists or when a safety monitor and control zone is required.

The intent of the plan is to:

  • Help prevent falls
  • Assist workers and supervisors to identify the fall hazards of the site before work begins at heights.
  • Assist in the selection of an appropriate fall protection system(s)
  • Assist in rescue procedures for someone if a fall should occur

It is our company policy that all managers, supervisors and workers comply with the fall protection guidelines. We have established several checklists to help our supervisors and workers in identifying problem areas on the site. These checklists will be of much help when our supervisors are developing the site-specific program. We have outlined some specific responsibilities for ourselves (the employer), our supervisors and our workers as follows company guidelines. Responsibilities of all role are given below.

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Employer Responsibilities

  • Ensure a written work site specific fall protection plan is in place
  • Ensure that a fall protection system is being used
  • Ensure that guardrails are used when practicable
  • Ensure a fall restraint system is in place when applicable
  • If a fall restraint system cannot be used, ensure a fall arrest system is in place
  • Provide appropriate control zone procedures if the above are not appropriate
  • Ensure supervisors and workers are trained
  • Ensure all equipment is safe, maintained, inspected and used correctly
  • Investigate any anomalies in the system to make recommendations so that such anomalies will not happen again
  • Update the program as needed
  • Follow up on our program

Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Ensure the program is prepared for each site
  • Ensure the program is being implemented
  • Inspect the program as it is used
  • Review the program
  • Investigate any anomalies and make recommendations to prevent re occurrence
  • Investigate all workers reports of anomalies to the system
  • Keep a log of all workers trained for the fall protection program and topics that were covered before they work in the fall protected area
  • Ensure all workers have a copy of the fall protection program
  • Inspect, maintain, and use the equipment in the recommended methods
  • Ensure that all workers are provided with the appropriate equipment
  • Observe workers, work practices and site operations and correct when necessary

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Worker Responsibilities

  • Know the fall protection plan
  • Follow the procedures as trained
  • Inspect equipment
  • Maintain equipment
  • Report any anomalies to the supervisors
  • Ensure the equipment is used as the manufacturer recommends
  • Inspect the program
  • It is a condition of employment that all managers, supervisors, and workers comply with the company safety policy and safety programs

Type of Fall Protection Name:

  1. Guardrails
  2. Toe Boards
  3. Horizontal Lifelines
  4. Vertical Lifelines
  5. Harness and Lanyard
  6. Belt and Lanyard
  7. Warning Lines
  8. Cover Over Holes
  9. Wire Rope Lifelines
  10. Fiber Rope Lifelines
  11. Robe Grabs
  12. Fall Arrest Blocks
  13. Tie Backs
  14. Safety Nets
  15. Canopies

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