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Gloves Materials (Guest).

Different kinds of materials are used in our gloves to create maximal performance and protection. The choice of material depends on the need and requested properties.

What is leather gloves material.

Leather is a natural material and adapts to the surrounding temperature and environment. There are different kinds of leather and these different leathers has different benefits depending on the animal and its origin and conditions.

If there is a need for a really durable glove Cow leather is to prefer. This is the thickest leather and withstand heat but also moisture quite well.

Goat Leather- is soft but still quite durable. It’s a thinner leather and therefore a good option when high dexterity of the glove is required.

Cow leather can be split into two layers.

  1. Split Layer-The split leather has an irregular and rugged surface that insulates and gives a good grip. It is quite porous and doesn’t withstand moisture well
  2. Grain layer-Grain leather, on the other hand, is the outer layer of the leather and it’s more effective against moisture.
  3. Benefits-Split leather gives better protection against heat than grain leather and are often used in heat protection and welding gloves.


MARK-X-LEATHER has been established since 1988 under the name LION SKIN INDUSTRY in Sialkot which is known as gloves town in Pakistan. In 2012 we changed our name to MARK-X-LEATHER. This change was necessary as it better encapsulates who we are and what we stand for safer workplaces.

Mark-X-Leather is fully able to satisfy all of your Workplace Safety, work wears, Boxing, Fitness Exercise needs. Our facilities consist of a fully equipped manufacturing unit, Stitching unit, Warehouse and Offices. Our staff are all experienced to provide our broad range of products to the highest degree of professionalism.

We Produce wide range of Leather Safety Gloves, welding gloves, Boxing Equipment, Weight lifting / Cycling gloves and Accessories

More than 25 years experience in the manufacturing business has allowed us to produce and develop methods that ensure quality products.

Mark x Leather is also known as “Leather specialists” in own city…

Heavy Duty Welding Gloves With Extra Protection, MX-242

Welding Mark X gloves

Mechanics Gloves Goat Skin Leather with Spandex Mesh – Sialkot Pakistan

Mechanics Mark X gloves

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