Mike Doyle -2019

Mike Doyle

Leaders play a significant role in safety performance. Leadership establishes the standards and values in an organization and has the power to enforce safety requirements.

Launched in 2006, the COS Safety Leader of the Year recognizes an individual who best exemplifies leadership and vision in the world of OHS in Canada. Co-workers, employees, bosses or anyone can submit a nomination for a deserving leader. Nominations for the 2020 award will open in March.

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It’s possible no one does this better than Mike Doyle, who takes this concept to the next level by serving as the mayor of his small town in Newfoundland. Mike Doyle is the winner of the 2019 Safety Leader of the Year award, presented by Canadian Occupational Safety.

I presently serve as the Mayor and execute all responsibilities and accountability for my role and authority under the Municipal Act. I am leader to the community and the other 6 excellent council members that make up our local government.


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