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Nitrile is a synthetic rubber material that offers chemical and abrasion resistance and is a very good general-duty material for gloves.

Nitrile Gloves protect the wearer’s hands. The nitrile material keeps the wears hands safe from any contamination, and they also stop the user from contaminating any item or surface that they are touching.

It is important to remember that thin nitrile rubber provides only limited chemical protection.  These gloves are intended to be used only as a physical barrier against brief contact with chemicals, and they need to be removed and discarded immediately after they become contaminated.

Abena’s Nitrile Glove Pakistan:

Medical gloves are primarily used for protection and hygiene purposes in the health care sector (hospitals, clinics and nursing homes) and therefore comply with all obligatory European standards such as EN 455.
Our medical examination gloves are available as:

Protective gloves are divided into different types of disposable household gloves that can be used as protection against minimal risk situations or for specific needs in laboratories and the cleaning sector.

Abena’s glove range furthermore covers nitrile gloves specifically aimed at the food industry and niche segments such as hair dressers and tattoo artists.



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Abena Nitrile gloves-3

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Abena Nitrile gloves
Abena Nitrile gloves



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