CO Detector Testing

Solo C3 Carbon Monoxide Detector Tester *

  • Detector manufacturer endorsed
  • Genuine and non-flammable CO stimulus
  • Controlled delivery
  • Designed for use with Solo 330 / 332 dispensers

* Note: certain CO life safety detectors (as opposed to fire detectors with CO sensors within them) require a low concentration of CO sustained over a long period of time. Solo C3 and Solo 330 / 332 are unlikely in isolation to prove suitable for testing these detectors.

Many multi-sensor fire detectors detect carbon monoxide (CO) as well as smoke and / or heat. Under international codes and standards the CO cell needs to be functionally tested with a CO stimulus from the protected area through the detector vents to the sensor.

Solo C3 – used in conjunction with Solo 330 / 332 dispensers – provides a safe way of achieving this with CO concentration levels high enough to activate an alarm, but low enough not to pose danger to user health.

The way to verify a CO detector only is to introduce CO in the sensor to of the detector. Solo C3 is formulated
for use with the Solo 330/332 dispenser.



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