Cotton Gloves ST-204

Cotton Gloves ST-204

Working gloves become useless and even dangerous if they do not allow workers to do the manual work required in their day-to-day jobs. Coated Cotton gloves provide the grip and flexibility that you need to handle tools, machinery and hazardous tasks with ease and protection.


These gloves provide minimal protection against puncture hazards, jagged materials, open flames, or hot surfaces. However, they may provide enough of a barrier to prevent scrapes or abrasions, and they also help keep the worker’s hands clean.
Choose among a variety of coated glove materials, including cotton, cotton poly blends, para, nylon, para-aramid, polyester and more. In addition, we offer various coating types so that you can find the most effective coated gloves for your specific needs, including waterproof gloves – from full coatings and palm coats to finger coats and line patterns, we’ve got your hand protection needs covered.


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