Cut Rest Gloves

Cut Rest Gloves

  • Dexterity® Ultrafine 18-Gauge CutResistant Glove with Foam Nitrile Palm. …
  • Emerald CX® Kevlar® Composite Knit Gloves with Micropore Nitrile Palms. …
  • Emerald CX® 10-Gauge CutResistant Glove with Foam Nitrile Palm. …
  • Emerald CX® 7-Gauge Wire-Core™ Composite-Knit Glove.


Cut resistant gloves are intended for use with sharp objects such as knives and they provide little or no protection from puncture injuries. The use of these gloves requires a tradeoff between loss of dexterity and the probability of being cut by a sharp object.


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