FDA approved nitrile gloves Malaysia

We are successfully meeting the requirement of our clients by offering the best quality range of medical glove boxes.

Private label disposable gloves are quoted in 20 or 40 foot container quantities. A 20 foot container is approximately 1500 boxes. A 40 foot container is double those quantities.

What type of glove is most affordable?

When selecting gloves, it’s important to remember that price isn’t the only factor to consider. Even though nitrile gloves are more expensive, they’re incredibly versatile and provide long-lasting protection from chemicals and microbes. If your daily responsibilities include changing diapers, sterilizing catheters, or administering enteral or parenteral feeding, invest in high-quality gloves that hold up

Nitrile is a type of synthetic rubber. It’s incredibly durable, latex-free, and specifically designed for medical applications. Nitrile gloves were first developed during the early 90s’. Since then, they’ve become the go-to glove for many doctors, nurses, and home caregivers. Nitrile gloves are unique in that they tear easily. This feature makes it simple to tell if a glove (or pair of gloves) is compromised.

When it comes to caregiving, nitrile gloves are considered the “gold standard.” Because they’re free of allergens like latex, there’s less risk of skin irritation, or in severe instances, anaphylaxis.

Nitrile gloves fit your hands comfortably and encourage finger dexterity. That makes them ideal for cleaning and sanitation as well as tasks that require gripping, twisting, or lifting. When you’re finished wearing a pair of nitrile gloves, remove and toss them in the trash. Thanks to advances in manufacturing, many of the nitrile gloves currently on the market are biodegradable.