Leather Gloves ST-102

Work gloves need to be tough, so it is no wonder that leather is often used. In fact, some of the very best work gloves are made from leather, and they give amazing protection from cuts, piercing, and abrasions, all while being breathable and comfortable. Add in the fact that leather lasts for a long time, and you have the perfect work glove material.
If you work in the type of job that requires you to wear gloves all day for protection, such as a woodworker, gardener, contractor, plumber, mechanic, or any other physical job, then you can’t go wrong with the dexterous mobility of a high-quality leather work glove.

Leather is the traditional material of choice for many when it comes to gloves, and has a long and glorious history. As a glove material, it offers a level of abrasion protection that is hard to beat, but unfortunately is not effective against cut. For this reason, we continue to offer a fine selection of leather styles, some with cut-resistant linings, because they are still the favorite choice for industrial and construction applications and other heavy-duty jobs.