Sterilized Surgical Nitrile Gloves

The primary purpose of surgical gloves is to act as a protective barrier to prevent the possible transmission of diseases between healthcare professionals and patients during surgical procedures.

Differences between surgical gloves and medical examination gloves (the type of gloves found in bulk containers in clinical examination rooms) are:

  • Manufacturers of surgical gloves are required to meet a higher level of quality standards
  • Surgical gloves are sterile and individually packaged in pairs
  • Surgical gloves have a more precise range of sizing than medical examination gloves.

Medical examination gloves help prevent contamination between caregivers and patients. These gloves are used during procedures that do not require sterile conditions, for example drawing blood for a blood test. Some of these gloves can also protect the wearer from harm caused by dangerous chemicals or pharmaceuticals.


Natural rubber latex surgical gloves were first used in 1890. Their usage increased dramatically in the late 1980s when latex gloves were widely recommended to prevent transmission of blood-borne infections, such as the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

The incidence of allergic reactions to latex began to rise rapidly among patients and health care workers in the 1990s. Since then, new synthetic glove materials have been introduced, which have different properties with regards to strength, comfort and sensitivity. However, the majority of surgical gloves are still made from latex.

• EXCELLENT PUNCTURE RESISTANCE: Enhanced proprietary formulation provides comfort and delivers excellent tactile sensitivity and
superior strength in puncture resistance.
• FLEXIBLE AND DUCTILE: Nitrile has excellent elasticity that offers a soft and comfortable t, and reduces muscle fatigue from long-term wear.
• HIGH TACTILE SENSITIVITY: Smooth finish with textured fingertips for better grip and precision.
• LATEX-FREE & POWDER-FREE (MEDICAL GRADE): Our gloves are the safest choice for those who have allergic reactions or sensitive skin to latex.
• COMFORTABLE FIT: Ambidextrous and offer a stretchy & comfy t for both men and women. Available in small, medium, large, & extra-large sizes.
The Safe Health Exam Grade Nitrile Glove are lightweight, yet highly puncture resistant, have great tactile strength and dexterity creating
the industry leader in protection and comfort. Designed for medical professional to ensure an enjoyable experience while exceeding
quality assurance and safety standards. Parker Protective’s number one selling glove for a reason!