DuPont™ Tychem® F garments are made of a proprietary barrier film laminated to DuPont™ Tyvek®. The fabric provides at least 30 minutes of protection against more than 180 chemical challenges, including chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals.

DuPont offers a full line of garments that have been specially manufactured, processed and packaged for use in controlled environment applications. Please see our complete line of controlled environment products at www.safespeccleanroom.dupont.com.

DuPont Tychem® 2000 coveralls either meet or exceed ANSI/ISEA 101 sizing standards. For specific sizing dimensions on a particular DuPont garment, please view the Product Details tab for that garment.

Wearing garments made of Nomex® or any other flame-resistant fabric under Tychem® garments, other than Tychem® 6000 FR, will not reduce burn injury during a fire or electric arc exposure. Other than Tychem® 6000 FR, Tychem® garments will burn and possibly melt when exposed to a fire or electric arc flash; this may increase burn injuries even when worn over garments made of Nomex® or any other flame-resistant fabric.


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