Rising Star of Safety-2019

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Since 2010, NSC has been honoring the next generation of safety leaders with the Rising Stars of Safety Award, recognizing young safety professionals whose impact extends throughout and beyond the workplace. The Rising Stars seek new ways to tackle both emerging and long-standing safety issues. They are pillars of their organizations. They have what it takes to keep people around them safe with hard work, ingenuity and a fresh perspective.

To Highlight a Few:

 Kimberly Ann Decker  (Chemical Hygiene Officer) boldly closed gaps in the industrial hygiene program and policies at Corteva Agri science, enabling nearly 2,000 employees in Indianapolis to do their jobs safely every day. She also provides an inspiration for future science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) leaders by working with youth off the job.

 Arul Subbarayalu (Senior EHS Expertise Specialist) helped avert 35 serious incidents at Dow Chemical International by spearheading a Fresh Eye Assessment concept. The program drove down incidents and costs. He is also working to improve water-saving measures in his community, implement healthier workplace meal alternatives and eliminate plastic waste.

Master Sgt. Jeremy Nixon provides guidance for the 45,000 personnel in the Pacific Air Forces as an occupational safety program manager. Championing a strong culture of safety and recognizing other emerging safety leaders, his actions have helped significantly reduce head injuries, motor vehicle-related injuries, and other on- and off-duty hazards.

Amber Joseph leads a successful slip, trip and fall reduction program as a risk control technical consultant at Liberty Mutual Insurance. She directs and trains teams of hazard assessment consultants across the nation as well as internationally, while empowering other women as a martial arts instructor.

Every single one of our 31 Rising Stars has followed their passion and initiative to create great outcomes. These safety leaders aren’t afraid to take risks or try a new approach to help keep their colleagues and communities safe. Our mission to eliminate preventable deaths means we need these compelling role models now more than ever. We are honored to recognize the 10th class of the Rising Stars of Safety. We hope they will inspire the next generation of safety leaders, as they motivate all of us to identify the everyday heroes in our midst.

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