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Pakistan Exports of Gloves (2019:

Total value: $227.60K     Total Quantity: 30,567Kg.

Bangladesh ($40.83K , 5,484 Kg)

Thailand ($30.44K , 4,088 Kg)

Argentina ($26.82K , 3,602 Kg)

United States ($23.65K , 3,176 Kg)

Egypt, Arab Rep. ($21.30K , 2,861 Kg).

Karachi is Industrial hub and made many types of Safety PPE’s including Leather Gloves. Top and best Gloves  manufacturer introduction here.

Khas Industries Karachi:

Khas Industries is part of the Khas Group, a family owned leather business which has been in the leather trade since 1947.

Khas started production of Leather work gloves in 1969 and today boasts an experienced and dedicated workforce capable of producing 150,000 pairs per month of Leather work gloves in an ISO 9001 certified factory. As the company strongly believes in corporate social responsibility the factory is also registered in SEDEX for social compliance.

Khas Industries has its own tannery capable of producing about 700,000 sf of leather from Raw to finish. The main production in the tannery is goat skin of Pakistan origin. With an extensive experience of producing vegetable leathers, the tannery is now producing various types of chrome free leathers for shoe linings. Further with our experience we are able to produce lining for Children Shoes with Formaldehyde content of less than 20 PPM.

With its history and long term relationship with customers in Europe, China and US, Khas is always are of new laws and regulations and considers it a priority to be a leader in compliance and adoption of new regulations and technology.

Khas Industries is a member of Pakistan Glove Exporters & Manufacturers Association, Pakistan Tanners Association, Korangi Association of Trade and Industry and Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

At Khas Industries we look forward to establishing a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with our customers and suppliers in order to satisfy the demands of the end users.

Khas cut gloves

Khas Welding gloves



Premium Safety Gloves Karachi:

Premium Safety Gloves is a manufacturer company, that produce and export premium quality leather safety gloves and apparels from couple of years.

Being a trusted supplier of leather in the market, we have seen the high demand of quality safety products in
the world, where safety is concerned the most now a days. That is why ,the company deemed interred in the safety businesses, as the world needs quality safety products.

Our safety gloves history have been started in 2014, when we have started our first leather safety gloves manufacturing unit in Karachi Pakistan, with the collaboration of well-known American Safety gloves company.

Premium Electrical gloves


Premium Welding gloves






H.M. Leather Gloves Karachi:

H.M. Gloves is focusing on a niche market, which needs new style and design for their customers in Europe & Far East, H.M. Gloves is a MAKE TO ORDER Company which procures Leather for every order that it commits and handles manufacturing, logistics and time management to make sure the on-time delivery.
The Key to produce good quality leather gloves is procurement of the leather followed by cutting and stitching of the product. H.M. Gloves solely focuses on procurements, Cutting, Stitching of the product which is finally inspected by a team of quality control people.

We are specialized in tailoring leather gloves with new design & specification, which follow all safety standards to provide safety to workers, and cotton gloves are stitched with finest cotton.

Production:– 3000 Pairs per day
Annual Turnover: – Rs. 50 Million
Quality Certification: – CE (Community of Europe) certification.

HM Mechanics gloves
HM Mechanics gloves
HM Mitts gloves
HM Mitts gloves







Ihsan Safety Gloves Karachi:

IHSAN started its Gloves Knitting unit with the installation of 15 computerized Japanese Shima Seiki machines in 1978, which have since been increased to 300, consisting 7,10,13 & 15 gauge including terry. The unit initially started off producing plain knitted gloves for the Japanese, German, Australian and UK markets which then expanded towards the US, South American and far east markets.

With the addition of PVC coating equipment in 1996, IHSAN expanded its product range to meet the international requirement for Dotted and Criss-Cross gloves. In 2007 IHSAN setup Latex / Nitrile dipping plant and this unit is currently producing high quality half and full coated gloves on seamless, interlock, safety cuff jersey as well as crinkle coated and on gauntlet liners all of which are CE Certified to meet the international quality requirements & standards.

Ihsan Tig gloves

Ihsan welding gloves

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